Shed transformation (updated 2020)

Don’t they say that “Necessity is the mother of invention? (said Plato actually, who probably never thought of living in a Shed himself, or maybe…)

Contemplating life is hardly an activity we have time for when my husband and I spend our summer vacations in Montana. What we choose to spend our time on is a lot more labor-intensive and provides us with multiple projects to work on. I can proudly say that over the years, I’ve picked up a trick or two in sewing, painting, building, designing, installation of various household items and I’m definitely not a stranger at our local Home Depot (sorry Lowe’s they have a better selection).

Here are two of our babies, which have been our pride and joy for the past few years. People get a kick out of them too!

Tiny shanty on 100 forested acres near Missoula

Zillow featured transforming A-frame on 100+ acres

Tiny cabin The Blind & Hot Tub on 100 forrest acrs

Yes, we feel like proud parents!

But that doesn’t mean that we halt our progress and retire our tool belts…

So back to the necessity of things. With the amount of snow that we get at 4,000 feet, it was only prudent to put a structure over top of the cellar and create a multi-functional solution. The skeleton was built last year, but not closed in, so this past summer we had a new project to work on – The Shed.

At first, it looked like this:

Being away from the compound for a good part of the year, we are able to think (contemplate life and so on and so forth). So the idea was born to test the possibilities of this Shed, turning it into less of an eye sore. And in June we got to work.

Working in a small space (around 175 square feet) is fun because the progress that you observe is SO FAST!

As we had some metal roofing lying around, we decided to use it as siding (while also thinking of Montana’s snowy winters). Paint does wonders, especially when working with ghetto OSB (also known as USB for non-natives). Tongue and Groove boards on the kitchenette side, class up the place nicely! Green golfing turf ended up being a very affordable carpet replacement and a very important design element in tying all the things together. Check out before and after shots below:

My absolute favorite part about this guest Shed is the view!

Having electricity, WIFI, and an Aircon, this guest space rivals the comforts of the other units on our property and with a personal parking space, we are hoping that our guests fall in love with it just as much as we have working on it.

Add it to your Saved for Later list and we’ll see you in Montana!

Shed en la Montaña on 100+ forested acres

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