The LOVE Project: Aspiring Makeup Artist Yeeun Kim

Welcome back to The LOVE Project!

The Project took a bit of a break, but now it’s back with a flair, a 1920’s flair to be exact.

This time we’re featuring an upcoming make up artist, in the process of graduating from Woosong University, her name is Yeeun Kim. English is not her first language, so slight modifications were made to her answers (a teacher in me just couldn’t resist).

Please tell us a bit about yourself:

“Hi, I’m Yeeun from Cheongju, Korea, I’m 21 years old and I’m a graduating student from Woosong’s Beauty and Design Major.”

What or who was your inspiration for this make up project?

“My inspiration came from 1920’s actress Clara Bow, who is an American actress with a very classic style, so I was hoping to replicate it in my graduation project you see here.”

When did you initially fall in love with make up and doing make up?

“When I was a Middle School student, I was inspired by TV shows that would showcase Before and After and transform women into more beautiful women.”

Have you ever done make up for your friends or family?

“Yes, I’ve done my friend’s make up in class, as a required practice and I’ve put make up on my mom for a festival or a party.”

What do you hope to pursue when you graduate?

“I hope to have a make up artist job, so that I can give many women happiness and I think many women have beauty and I’d like to help them to feel more beautiful.”

By the way, during today’s session, you gave me a hand massage, is that a requirement for your major?

“No, I got qualified as a Manicure Artist when I was in High School”

You’re a jack of all trades. What else can you do? Can you style hair as well?

“Yes, we learn to style hair as a part of our major but it is very difficult for me.”

Are there any make up artists who you look up to?

“I like Korean artist Jung Saem Mool, who has worked with stars like Tang Wei and Kim Tae-hee. Her collaboration with Tang Wei was amazing and I think that she is awesome. Other artists I like is Pat McGrath from Britain. She is great too.”

So, after graduation, do you have anything lined up?

“I like Giorgio Armani brand and I will work for their Seoul store location starting in November of this year. I’m very excited about that!”

Congratulations! I wish you great luck moving to Seoul and starting your working career. All the best and thank you for including me as a part of your graduating portfolio.

If you would like to be a part of the LOVE Project, share your story and get photographed by me, get in touch!

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