The LOVE Project: Christopher

Christopher Maslon, interviewed by Alla Ponomareva

AP: First things first, tell us please, where are you from? CM: I’m from Monson, Massachusetts, it’s a small town of about 7,000 people.

AP: What do you do in Korea? CM: I’m a Professor at Daejeon Health and Sciences College, now known as HIT – Health Institute of Technology. I’ve been teaching English in Korea for 14 years, but I have worked at HIT for the last 10.

AP: So, where do you draw your passion for this portrait? CM: I guess my childhood, something that I saw when I was younger. I’m not quite sure what it was. Perhaps – the movie Moulin Rouge, the 1880s, the French Glass Exhibition, the London Glass Exhibition, where people wore top hats and coats and women were dressed up to the nines. It’s just sexy, its a gorgeous time to have been alive.

AP: So, if you could, would you trade it all and live in a different era? CM: Definitely. Either the era that we portrayed today – the 1880s. Or the era of Edward VI of England (who was King Henry VIII only living son), so we’re talking around 1553. Every time I see their clothing, I get very excited.

AP: What would your wife say about living in that time frame? Would she enjoy it as much as you? CM: She is pretty cool. She probably would live at that time with me. I think that she is build for just about anything. She is a tough nut, I’ll tell ya. I think she is tougher than me.

AP: That sounds surprising, coming from a body builder! Aren’t you also an artist, please tell us about what you do in your free time. CM: I’d love to, thanks for bringing it up. I’m a Neo-Pop artist. I started really getting into Pop Art when I was in High School. I can remember my Art Teacher, named Bill Divine, he said let’s have an Art History Class. Then, he flashed through 20th Century artists and there was Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg and others. All of a sudden, he flashed Andy Warhol’s 100 cans of Campbell’s Soup and I went: “Uhhhhhh!” that was the moment and I said: “I’m going to be a pop artist!” And of course pop now is not as it was, we have a resurgence, a thing called Neo-Pop, with a famous spray painter like Banksy. I’m sure most are familiar with his work.

AP: I bet they are, if they don’t know what he looks like (most probably don’t), I’m sure they are familiar with at least one of his pieces. Christopher, how can people get in touch with you or find your work? CM: I’m on Facebook, of course. You’ve already mentioned that I’m a body builder (very proud, at 40-some years old!):

My art can be found here

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