The LOVE Project: Designing with Yeri Lee

Alla Ponomareva: How did your design passion/career begin?

Yeri Lee: I studied visual arts in college and was always fascinated by what is considered as “visually pleasing” to the general public.

AP: Where did you study?

YL: I studied at University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada from 2003.

AP: Did you always know that’s what you were going to do?

YL: I pictured myself as an “artist” since I was little but as a young mind I vaguely understood the life of an artist. I simply enjoyed being creative. It’s frustrating sometimes but it is rewarding and somewhat addicting.

Yeri Lee - graphic designer in Daejeon, Korea

AP: Who were your influences in the beginning?

YL: I was and still a fan of impressionism. It got me into painting.

AP: Are they still the same?

YL: Nowadays I’m more into abstract expressionism.

Yeri Lee - graphic designer in Daejeon, Korea

AP: Where do you draw your inspiration for your design pieces?

YL: I keep small notepads where I can easily grab and scribble whenever something clever pops into my mind. It’d be nice if I could organize a sketchbook of decent doodles but life isn’t always that perfect – at least for me it isn’t.

AP: How did your project “I ___ Daejeon” start?

YL: A good friend of mine who is also from Daejeon suggested that I should create a series of postcards in which she could gift her friends from out of town as souvenir. I agreed but wanted to try something different from common cityscape photos made into postcards. My recent interest lies in typography so I began researching and came across variations of the famous I heart NY logo.

AP: Which design from that series is your favorite? Which is the most popular?

YL: They all seem to have their own story and it was pretty amazing to observe how everyone who came across the series seem to have different favorites as well. I still like the beer pint one the most.

AP: Any future plans? YL: I would like to practice and familiarize myself more with graphic software. I still feel that I lack technical skills and I would need more experience to overcome that.

AP:What would you recommend to design students/or newbies?

YL: I like to look at other artists’ works and stay on top of current trend by subscribing to digital arts magazines. Online tutorials also helped me a lot.

Yeri Lee - graphic designer in Daejeon, Korea

AP: Where can people find you/ get in touch with you/ buy your designs?

YL: I can be reached via Facebook:

also e-mail or phone: 010-9850-3171

I can communicate in both English and Korean. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line!


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