The LOVE Project: From passion to garments

For me, photography has been love and life for the past 6 years. I started with a simple goal of taking better Travel Photographs. In my free time I watched videos, read, photographed, edited, rinsed and repeated until opportunities started to roll along, such as interning at a Wedding Studio, exhibiting my work, collaborating with other artists,  capturing people on their big days and even being featured in my University’s upcoming textbook. I’ve always felt that saying no or doubting myself (even though many times I didn’t feel like I was up for the challenge with my skills) would probably be something I’d regret later. Luckily, each and every experience helped me grow, develop and sometimes opened even more doors in the end.

One of those doors was exhibiting with DJAC, or the Daejeon Artists Collective. Being supported by such a great community of artists, which exhibit twice a year, without a doubt pushes me (and I’m sure others) to showcase our top notch stuff. So a few years ago, I started taking my photography in a more abstract direction. Showcasing pieces I called Kaleidoscopes due to their repetitive, colorful and geometric nature. Fortunately, the response was that of positivity with responses such as: ” Whoa, this looks very 3D!” or “Is that a painting?

To me, these pieces were strong, but I’ve always imagined them in exactly that – 3D atmosphere, particularly as a cloth pattern.


As my favorite inspirational figure of the moment Marie Forleo says: Everything is Figureoutable.

So, why shouldn’t that stand true for my abstract photography?


In collaboration with Redbubble, Alla Ponomareva Photography is hoping to make your outfits or home decor pop with style!

Are you interested in sporting some super funky, cool and unique designs in your next Yoga Class? Or be the envy of your guests with your groovy mug or journal? How about gifting a trendy and colorful scarf, which is sure to bring in loads of compliments?


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