The LOVE Project: Hanani and Taylor

Alla Ponomareva: Where are you guys from?

Taylor: I’m from North Carolina, USA

Hanani: I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

AP: How long have you been in Korea?

Taylor: 1.5 months

AP: What did you think when you first saw Hanani?

Taylor: When I first saw her, she was on her cell phone the whole time. And I was thinking: “What’s going on here? I didn’t think I would be hanging out with her again.” Then she called me, we hung out the second time and it was really fun. 

Hanani: Originally we met online, through a dating website. We chatted for a while online (maybe 4 months), eventually exchanged numbers and that’s how we initially met.

Taylor: Yes, when we first met, she was going through something and I was going through something too. The timing just wasn’t great. But we had our second date and it was really fun. We went to Melaka, Malaysia together (on our third date), where I was trying to hold her hand.

Hanani: I was thinking: “Why is this strange guy trying to hold my hand?” I didn’t let him hold it. (Laughs)


AP: Wait, on the first date, not all went down the drain since you ended up seeing each other again. What happened exactly on the first date?

Taylor: She picked me up, we went to a coffee shop together. She was texting with an ex-boyfriend a lot, still going through some stuff.

Hanani: Yea, I was trying to get the stuff with the ex over and done with and unfortunately, Taylor was there witnessing it all.

Taylor: And then at the end of the date, on a top of it all, she passed me the bill to pay. (Laughs)

AP: Wow! And what changed?

Hanani: I thought that he was a nice guy and I was being rude, so I messaged him afterwards to meet again. I knew that I should definitely not be on my phone next time and actually try to have a conversation.

Taylor: And we did, we chatted and got this delicious Roti Tissue desert, which looks like a Harry Potter hat but is a very delicate, crunchy, sugar-coated bread. You can eat it with condensed milk or just by itself.

I think I tried wearing it on our date and she laughed.

Hanani: Yes, you tried, just tried. (Laughs)

AP: What is your favorite thing to do together?

Taylor: Travel.

Hanani: Yes, we travel a lot together. Back home in Kuala Lumpur we traveled a lot. We also lived in Bangkok together, but we didn’t travel too much, it was just a hassle there. 

AP: What is the one word that would sum up Taylor?

Hanani: Messy, haha no, he is charming!

Taylor: I would say – endearing or caring.

AP: What do you think would be each other’s last meal?

Hanani: Takboki (Korean rice sticks in spicy sauce).

Taylor: My spaghetti.

Hanani: Because we always eat his spaghetti at home (laughs)

Taylor: No, let me change that – Tom Yum.

Hanani: Yes, Tom Yum!


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