The LOVE Project: Korean festivals

The music was playing, multi-colored dust flying, conga lines moving, cameras clicking, sand crunching under our feet, bodies swaying, alcohol spilling, samosas consuming, yelling, singing and smiling…


Holi Festival – known as the festival of color, spring and of sharing love. Originally from Nepal and India, but now celebrated all over the world!  It was undoubtedly one of the funnest festivals I’ve been to in Korea, despite it being the messiest. I Loved it!


Holi Hai in Busan, you should have been there!


The LOVE Project

Love is all around us…

It showcases itself in the the things we eat or drink, our habits, pets, pleasurable experiences, the people we encounter and in the places we visit. It is always present, letting us know of it’s existence through ceremonies, photographs, letters, blogs, repeated actions, diaries, books, melodies and smiles. Love is present at birth and hopefully… at death. It is the one thing that we all want to achieve from others, but also strive to truly love ourselves from inside out. It knows no boundaries, no language barriers or regulations. No matter who we love, how, or why – love is a part of our lives.

The LOVE Project Series is a way to document Love and it’s manifestations all around us though the best way I know how – photography. It will be challenging, attempting to encompass this powerful concept in a 2 dimensional photograph, but a project has to have its guidelines. A short interview or write up will accompany each one.

So, to give you an idea of what you can expect to come, I’m looking for eager participants to take part in the Love Project Series. Of course, if you’re a couple, I’d love to hear your story. If you own an amazing pet that you call a human name and sleep with in your bed. If you are gastronomically talented and love whipping out something fantastic in the comfort of your own home. If you have your favorite spot in this city that you frequent more than you care to admit to. If you’re a parent (enough said.) If you have a dear friend that you shamelessly admit to loving. If you are an avid fan of everything, anything, or something Korean, tell me about it. If you, foxy lady, would like to create and preserve the memories of your sexy self, I’d love to photograph the most beautiful version of YOU!

If you would like to be a part of the LOVE Project or would like to contribute in any way, get in touch!

Alla0909 at gmail dot com

Looking to fill the following categories:

Loving South Korea since…

In LOVE for/since

First: LOVE Yourself – a portrait

Unconditional LOVE – a pet story

Grow, laugh, LOVE – a kid’s story

A City of LOVEly places

A little LOVE goes a long way – A home-cooked meal

LOVEly friends

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