The LOVE Project: Roundup

Whenever I travel in the winter or summer time, its a wonderful way to evaluate my photography – what’s working, what doesn’t and how can I continue to learn and evolve. Traveling through Vietnam and Thailand last winter inspired me to enroll in New York Institute of Photography (NYIP), where I’ve been relearning and diving deeply into various photographic skills in their Complete Course in Professional Photography Course. Though I’m not a beginner at this passion, this course has helped me to practice and review some of the existing skills but also learn a few new tips and techniques that I wasn’t too familiar with before (such as architectural, fashion and product photography). 3 months later and countless weekends spent studying, I’m lucky enough to call myself a GRADUATE!!!

Secondly, after returning from the winter vacation trip, I had an idea for a project, which would allow me to practice photography more regularly, socialize more, while networking, and a chance to offer my services to interested clients (for headshots, family and couples photography). So ‘The LOVE Project’ was born!

Since March, I’ve featured a Victorian Man, couples in love, pets, my hubby and I, a graphic designer, a Korean Traditional Wedding, a 3 generation family shoot, festivals, a belly dancer and so much more!

It has been a whirlwind of planning, shooting, editing, printing and promoting with a weekly deadline. Now that I’m on my summer vacation (in Montana USA, whoop whoop!) I’ve decided to take a short break from the LOVE Project, which will promptly resume upon my return to Korea (the land of yummy Kimchi and the fastest Internet, assah!)

I’d like to Thank everyone who has been a part of this project, who took the time to prepare, work with the both of our schedules, not shy away from the camera, listen to the directions, let your own creativity shine and even relax (on the busy streets of Daejeon, or alongside my needy dog trying to constantly jump on your lap).  You guys are Fantastic!

For some, thank you for letting me photograph you multiple times! And for the first timers, did you know that you get 15% off your next session?! Hope to see you soon and keep smiling!

Here are some of the coolest LOVE Projects

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