The LOVE Project: Unconditional Love – A pet story

Name: Slonik

Nicknames: Little man, pupsik, beast, slo, pyes, stupid, dumb-dumb, little one, sausage, baby boy, kuzen’ka, kuz’mich and the list goes on…

Age: 6.5 years old (in people years)


Weight: 3.3 kg

Birth date: December 15, 2009

Birth place: Daejeon, Korea

Ambitions: to be next to my mom every second of every day and finally bite that delivery guy by the ankle!


Turn ons in an owner: Lots of cuddling and attention is on me!

Turn offs: other dogs, car rides give me anxiety, outfits my mom makes me wear, cold weather, being toweled off


Bucket list must: make a dog friend

How my friends describe me: fiercely loyal, slow to warm up to, co-dependent, needy, having a short fuze

Future goal: finally impregnate the purple blanket


If you would like to be a part of the LOVE Project, share your story and get photographed by me, get in touch!

Looking to fill the following categories: In LOVE for/since First: LOVE Yourself – a portrait Unconditional LOVE – a pet story Grow, laugh, LOVE – a kid’s story. A City of LOVEly places A little LOVE goes a long way – A home-cooked meal LOVEly friends Loving South Korea since…

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