Themed shoot: Herbologist (part 2/2)

Last week’s post showcased the plethora of accessories and props that Christopher had created over a period of six months in order to complete the look for the Herbologist shoot. I forgot the mention that all the bottles, the labels, the fake plants, spider, fake brain, dried herbs and other minute details – all cost around $160 and lots of DIY research and time to make. This aspect of photography makes my Themed Shoots all the more exciting, because I never know what my clients are going to come up with. ‘Do it yourself’ hobby is not simple and requires more patience and persistence than one might imagine. My hat goes out to Christopher and his endless source of ideas and inspiration to create something as extraordinary as this.

Lighting setup: Off camera flash shot through a gridded 30” softbox, a reflector and a large window

Placement: The floor to ceiling window was located to the right of the camera alongside with the softbox. Reflector was placed camera left.

Once the setup was complete, we started to play with Christopher, who was pretending to prepare various herbal concoctions, as he would if he were a true Herbologist.

What do you think was Christopher’s favorite image? It’s this one below…

For me, I’m a sucker for all of them! I think each one is a strong representation of the theme and the look that Christopher was going for. Each one, in my mind, could be a cover for an old book about Alchemy or a similar discipline. The images featured here are probably not what most people would commission a photographer for, but why the heck not! Turn on your thinking machine and let’s play!


Get in touch for your specialized Themed Session, bringing out a loved character or a product of your imagination.

There’s no limit, if $160 of DIY materials can create a very memorable session like this!

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