Top 10 Books that Celebrate and Empower Women

In honor of the International Women’s Day on March 8 and Women’s History Month designated for March, it is only suitable to highlight my latest reading list of great books that celebrate women, are written by women, or feature inspiring women that I’ve covered in my leisure.

In no particular order, here are 10 books that celebrate women:

‘First Women – The Grace and Power of America’s Modern First Ladies’

by Kate Andersen Brower

books that celebrate women

#from NYT best-selling author


#he may be elected, but it’s she who gets him there

Still listening to this book, I’m just as interested as when I first began. This book is full of surprising, heartwarming, amazing, and also tragic stories and details from the lives of First Ladies from Jackie Kennedy to Melania Trump. Based on the interviews of over 200 people, get a deeper look at what it takes to be the wife of a World Leader.

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‘How to Be Fine’

by Jolenta Greenberg

Books that Celebrate Women

#by the authors from the famous ‘By The Book’ podcast

#humorous, skeptical, personal

#instead of reading 50 self-help books, read this one instead

When most of us just read a self-help book and quickly forget most of the lessons taught, two authors of this book actually took the time to apply the lessons to their lives (for 2 weeks per book). An end result is a compilation of amusing anecdotes, honest lessons, skeptical thoughts, and plenty of personal stories to keep you nodding your head.



Audio Book

‘In the Company of Women’

by Grace Bonney

Books that Celebrate Women

#NYT Bestseller

#One of Ten Best Books of the Year by Essence

#motivating stories and interviews by women from creative and demanding fields

Since this book is made up of interviews, it can be read from the beginning or from the middle, without feeling like you’ve missed out. You can search and learn about a specific person/profession or start from the beginning and devour them all.

I was especially elated seeing artists doodle their way through questions and humbled to learn that “overnight success takes 10 years of hard work.”



‘The Help’

by Kathryn Stockett

#NYT Bestseller and basis for Academy Award Winning film

#deeply moving

#audio book of very talented actors helped to bring the southern accents to life

As this is the author’s first novel, I can’ wait to see what else she creates. Till then, this beautifully written story of segregation in Jackson, Mississippi in the 1960s has become an Academy Award-Winning Film, New York Times Bestseller, and nominated as one of America’s best-loved novels by PBS.

Two protagonists – white socialite Skeeter and black maid Minny -couldn’t come from any more different worlds, but they work together, to tell the truth and set the record straight.



‘Modern HERstory: Stories of Women and Nonbinary People Rewriting History’

by Blair Imani

Books that Celebrate Women

#for all ages

#features 70 profiles of women, girls, and nonbinary people who changed and are changing the world


Like myself, you may be familiar with many but not all ladies featured in this insanely moving and powerful book. It’s one of those books that you want to give as a gift to everyone you know. You want to re-read it on the regular in order to stay empowered and educated. You want to make everyone read it, men and women alike!




by Sophia Amoruso

Books that Celebrate Women

#will question your need to have a college degree

#from rags to riches story of a self made woman

#NYT Bestseller

Another great book that celebrates women is an unbelievable but true story of Sophia Amoruso’s trajectory from being a broke, uninsured, and directionless twenty-something to finding her calling in selling vintage clothing first on eBay and eventually growing her own brand and company and becoming a self-made success and a cultural icon.

I love that this book is not just How To style book, but an entertaining and real story of ups and downs, highs and lows and what it takes to compete in the fashion industry especially when on a budget.



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‘Braving the Wilderness’

by Brene Brown

#1 NYT Bestseller

#From a Social Scientist with a PhD

#the quest for true belonging, in an age of increased polarization

I found this book on my mother in law’s shelf and would peak into it now and again when visiting her house. I really enjoyed the meaningful quotes on each page I opened it to and wanted to read it or listen to it fully.

I like that the author uses a mix of research and her personal stories in order to portray her ideas. I feel that we all need books and ideas like this in these times of disconnect, turmoil and hate. Navigating such a divided world isn’t impossible if we begin within ourselves, holding on to love, compassion and empathy – an idea, like many others has sprouted from this book.



‘Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog’

by Lisa Scottoline

Books that Celebrate Women

#Number 1 in Series (of 7)

#Collection of popular Philadelphia Inquirer columns

#wildly hilarious

Like a good, old, funny friend, this book is better consumed in short bursts rather than one long night of non-stop laughter. A great vacation or trip companion, this book will leave you wanting to check out the author’s other books in the series, which are just as cleverly titled: “My nest isn’t empty, it just has more closet space,” “I need a lifeguard everywhere but the pool,” or “Does this beach make me look fat?”



‘Little Leaders: Visionary Women Around the World’

by Vashti Harrison

Books that Celebrate Women

#NYT Bestseller

#beautifully illustrated

#35 female trailblaizers featured

Recommended for grades 2-5 (ages 8 – 12ish), this inspiring book of well and not very well-known female leaders will help to educate and motivate little leaders into becoming someone incredible herself. For a daughter, a niece, a granddaughter in your life, this another wonderful book that celebrates women.



‘WOLFPACK: How to Come Together, Unleash Our Power, and Change the Game’

by Amy Wambach

#from two-time Olympic Gold medalist and FIFA World Cup champion

#based on her viral 2018 commencement speech

#we’re not Little Red Riding Hoods, we’re Wolves!

At only 92 pages, this book packs a PUNCH! It is a must read for kids, to teach them that there are no limits. It is a must read for adults who need a manifesto to lead a team, a family, a business and a well intentioned life. It will teach you to:

“Lead from the bench, champion each other, demand the effing ball and make failure your fuel.”



In summary, I’d like to share this quote by Mizzfit:

“No matter where you are in life, inspire and empower women around you. Success is never reached alone. And, wisdom and wealth are sweeter shared.”

Sharing the books that celebrate women, I hope to empower others to gather new ideas, expand their thinking horizons, be less fixed and rigid with stereotypes and roles that exist in the society for women or men. It is only through a perpetual stream of knowledge that can we continue to grow and be the best versions of ourselves.

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