Top 10 Korean Travel groups

Some of my fondest adventures in Korea came from pre-planned, pre-paid group trips, offered by various companies via or Facebook.


There are always new and exciting adventures that await those who are not afraid to roam and wander. My list of unseen places goes on and on and I’ve lived in this country since I was 23!

If you think that most of these trips originate out of Seoul, you are correct, but with the ever-growing number of participants, they’ve started making a pit stop in a city near you. Just check for event details or inquire on the event page!


I almost wish my annual summer trip to Montana was delayed to enjoy a fabulous lineup of summer festivities in Korea. Will you join a trip? If so, let me know how it goes in the comments below. I’d love to hear about your experiences and see some photographs that you’ll take.

Here are in no particular order, a list of groups and companies that make us look toward the weekend and wake up readily at 6 am on a Saturday:

WinK Travels

Adventure Korea

Enjoy Korea

Trazy- Travel Crazy Korea

Goh Travel Korea 

Waegook Travel

Climbing in Korea

Seoul Hiking Group

The Seoul Hangout, travel and hiking group

Paragliding in Korea



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Thank you and stay tuned for next week’s Uselessly Useful Daejeon Facts Part 2!

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