Traditional Wedding in Korea

After living in Korea for 6 years, I’ve finally had the opportunity to witness a traditional Korean wedding (I’ve been to plenty of Wedding Hall Factory weddings, where you’re in and out in under an hour). The best part was that I was even able to photograph it and share these wonderful memories with my friend Venus and her husband Huiung.

For this wonderful occasion, one of her sisters, grandmother and grandfather were able to attend all the way from Canada! Her sister wore the traditional dress – Hanbok and grandparents were a part of the actual ceremony.

The bride wore an ornate wedding hanbok, which took a while to get into. Then she sits in a very intricately decorated wooden box, which is carried to the ceremony by a few helpers. The groom is carried in first, in a throne-like chair.

Wooden ducks are exchanged between the families for good luck and fortune. Candles are lit, two ropes are combined into one for one reason or another and at the end rice is thrown at the newlyweds. Somehow this doesn’t surprise me, since rice seems to be a staple for everything: every meal, as well as alcohol is made from rice, so are deserts, drinks and other foods.

I feel very fortunate to have been at Venus’s and Huiung’s wedding, having the chance to meet their entertaining families and friends and of course adding another unique Korean experience to my list.

Congratulations (not so) newlyweds!

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