Travel Videos

When I attended the University of Delaware from 2003-2007, I was very heavily involved with a TV Station, called STN (Student Television Network). This small, but growing station served as my motivation and inspiration for my back then passion in life – TV Production. Together, we’ve created various shows and commercials. I was also able to take some classes, teaching me Documentary movie making, the news and others. I even served as the Station President in my final year of college, helping me build a strong resume, which I thought would be enough for an entry level position in the industry.

Unfortunately, my phone and email were quiet for a few long, nerve-wracking months, until I got a gig to teach English in Korea. Sure, it wasn’t my specialty, but my second passion in life was to lead the life of a wanderlust. I knew that even if I got a job somewhere, the likes of me hosting a travel show like Anthony Bourdain, Samantha Brown or Andrew Zimmern would be slim, especially in the first 10 to 15 years (gotta put in the time, right?!). So I put my TV production experience on hold and started teaching abroad. A few years ago I discovered my passion for travel and portrait photography, which was great and allowed me to capture those travel moments without having to sit around for hours in Post Production.

Today, I’m jumping back on the bus and would like to welcome you to my new page – Travel Videos. 

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