Uselessly Useful Daejeon Facts – Part 1

As a result of living in one city for a while, you begin to acquire some bits of information which may be helpful to some, but useless to others. Here are some uselessly useful facts about living in Daejeon, South Korea:

  1. There is a super helpful service Go Wonderfully, which calls itself your personal assistant in Korea. What can it do? Order food, concert tickets, make reservations, shop for you, reserve travel, just to name a few.

  2. You can exercise at most of Daejeon’s parks with their free equipment.

allaponomareva -daejeon

3. Daejeon’s Sungsimdang Bakery is turning 60 years old this year and is open in 3 locations (Junganngo Exit 2, Daejeon Station, Lotte Department Store).

4. Get a discount as an International Student at Woosong’s Master’s Program.

5. Buy some used clothing near Daejeon Station

daejeon 2nd hand stores

6. The government paid $2,000,000 for Dongchundang historical house. The park where this house is located hosts the largest cultural festival in Daejeon.

7. You can rent hanbok from DICC for 12,000krw a day, as well as study Korean, go on local trips, do a Temple Stay, meet new friends, rent books, volunteer and others.

8. Become a Zombie at the Annual Daejombie 5km Race.

allaponomareva-daejeombie 5km race- daejeon

9. There is an Ice Rink, called Namsan Park, where you can Ice Skate or play Hockey.

10.There are a lot of sequoia trees in Jangtaesan Forest in Daejeon.

Alla Ponomareva Photography in Daejeon, Korea

11. Check out a non-verbal “NANTA” performance in December, when the show comes from Seoul to Daejeon.

12. Cheer for your favorite team at the Dragon Boat Races every September.


13. You can learn photography, language courses, jewelry making, chocolate making, cooking, and other courses at Daejeon Institute for Lifelong Education near Junggu Office.

14. You can rent kayaks on the Gapcheon River near EXPO park during the warm months.

15. The Daejeon Artists Collective (DJAC) has had 9 exhibitions since its creation in 2011.


Stay tuned for Part 2 of Uselessly Useful Daejeon Facts.

If you’d like to share your random fact about Daejeon, post it in the comments below or share this post and spread the love about this quirky city!


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