Uselessly useful Daejeon Facts – Part 2

Did you know that Daejeon is the happiest city in Korea? Neither did I after posting Uselessly useful Daejeon Facts Part 1 two weeks ago. That’s right while trying to share my (hopefully helpful) information about this city, I learned a thing or two myself. Without further adieu, 15 more random facts about Daejeon:

1.Around American Thanksgiving time, Woosong University hosts their annual Turkey Dinner with the real thing and all its fixings (sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans, etc). It’s the Amurrican way gosh darn it! You’ll likely see invitations on Daejeon Peeps come November.


The Wine Festival. I’m sure everyone has a story to tell, I myself ended up in a hospital for a palm injury afterward, because biking home seemed like such a grand idea…haha

What is all the fuss about?

It’s that middle section with all you can drink, which is ideally accessed when the crowds are just right and you can enjoy an eternity of tastings there without being pushed, shoved, or yikes – TIMED!

Clear your calendars for October 28-30th, 2016 (and a few days after for some IVs and hangover soups) and mark the location – DCC, Daejeon Trade Exhibition Center (near EXPO Park). It’s going to be DELICIOUS!

3. Feeling a little lonely? You can adopt, sponsor or even help out walking doggies at the local Daejeon Paws Animal Shelter. Donations are also welcome! You can organize or join walks on their Facebook page.

4. Send your kid to the only International School in Daejeon, their facilities in Techno Valley are gorgeous!

5. Sure you’ve heard of those dream university teaching positions with Ipad giveaways, sweet vacation, and weekly working hours you can count on two hands (no lie!).  There are 17 universities in Daejeon, so start networking, inquiring, and sending your applications in 3, 2, 1….

6. A few Daejeon-related phone numbers in case you ever need them:

Daejeon Tourist Information Office: 861-1330

Criminal Acts and Traffic Accident: 112

Fire and Emergency: 119

BBB Korea Foreign Language Translation Service: 1588-5644

Directory Assistance: 114

Foreign Language Interpretation: 1330

Foreign resident total information center: 1345

Information desk for Foreign workers: 1577-0071

Multi-cultural Family: 1577-1366

7. Listen to an English-speaking Podcast, which discusses research news, campus life, and upcoming events at KAIST and beyond. From interviews with CEO’s, Nobel Prize Winners, Authors, Doctors to aspiring students, the “Around the Carillon” Podcast is sure to be inspiring!

8. Visiting Daejeon and don’t have a bike? It’s a bike-friendly city, especially with its Tashu Public Bike System. 1st hour is FREE, afterward is just 500 won every 3

9. Like running? Like drinking beer? Want to combine the two and make it social? Join Hash House Harriers and do just that.

10. Speaking of beer, have you ever thought of making your own hooch? There is a group for that too! Daejeon Brewers Guild is 267 members strong and curious when you’ll join them.

11. Drop off your pet at the doggy daycare and go on shopping at Emart Traders in Wolpyeong-dong. Only 5,000krw per hour, your pet will get to socialize and you can shop in peace! There is also a pet shop, pet cafe, and a pet hospital all on the 2nd floor.


13. Unlike other countries, in Korea, specifically in Daejeon, you can bring in your own food and drink to the Baseball Stadium, unless of course you’re content munching on dried squid and drinking Cass (sold there).

14. When the Pope himself visits your city in Korea (back in 2014), you know you’re coming up in the world!

15. Korean Actor Sang-Woo Kwon, known for films such as 2012’s “Chinese Zodiac” with Jackie Chan and 2010’s “Pohwasogeuro” was born in…. you guessed it – It’s Daejeon!


If you’d like to share your random fact about Daejeon, post it in the comments below or share this post and spread the love about this quirky city!


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