What to wear to your next couples photography session

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Having a chance to photograph couples at an engagement session, an anniversary session or just because is such an honor and I hope the opportunities never stop. That was also one of the large reasons behind The LOVE Project, which I started this spring (oh, and if you’re interested, please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!) It’s incredible to be able to witness and capture someone’s romance in a series of well thought out photographs, at the right location, with the best light and of course, with the right type of clothing. Oh yes, your clothes are just as important as your make up or the expression on your face.

Here are a few clothing tips for your next session


Tip 1: The location of your session should compliment your clothing choices. Ever heard of the color wheel? Pick a color, then find a color across from it – voila! You’ve just discovered your complimentary colors. In such manner – yellows and oranges are complimented by blues and purples, while greens are complimented by reds and pinks.

You can contrast the location with the opposite color, or you can compliment it with a similar hue. For example white crisp shirts/dresses and jeans have been known to look fantastic in the beach setting.  Going to the woods? Try some brown/orange tones for a natural look.

Tip 2: Try to avoid loud colors. Bright oranges, neon greens, yellows or any combination of such colors can lead to a visual overload. Your audience (viewers of your images, yourself included) will be drawn to the color of your shirt more than to your lovely face.

Tip 3: Stay away from busy patterns. Similarly to bright colors, patterns (polka dots, stripes, plaid, etc) can also make an image look very busy. You don’t want your audience’s attention to compete with those tacky pants of yours. When anyone looks at your family’s photograph, the last thing they should be thinking: “That’s an interesting tie!”


Tip 4: Coordinate with your significant other. You’re trying to look like you belong together, because you do, right?! Talk about your clothing choices beforehand, find colors/hues that both of you like and feel comfortable in. If such case seems impossible, feel free to mix some of your favorite colors. If she wears a green and white dress, he can wear green pants and a white shirt. Don’t forget about those accessories (scarves, hats, earrings, necklaces, etc), they too, can help you better match with each other.

Tip 5: Remember, camera adds on 10 lbs, or better yet photographing in unflattering clothing does! Sure, as photographers will and should pose you to emphasize your utmost flattering angles, but if you wear a baggy outfit, there’s very little we can do. Girls: if you hide your legs under a flowing skirt, you may end up looking short. The same goes for your arms and neckline -show off your assets, you’re beautiful in any size! Guys, don’t forget to iron your clothes!

Tip 6: Bring extra clothes to your session. We’d like to see variety in your shots, don’t you?! A jacket, a cardigan, a scarf, and/or a pair of glasses will all work great to give you an edge in your photographs and make them stand out from one another.

Tip 7: We live in the digital age, so send your clothing choices to your photographer prior to your session. A happy photographer is a well planned in advance photographer. He/she’ll love you for it! And the day of the session you’ll have an easier time getting ready, because pre-planning is key.

Tip 8: As flattering as black can be in regular life, it is not as photogenic as one might think, unless you’re going for a moody, goth, vampire look.

Tip 9: Ladies: pick a skirt or a dress that can move. Let’s create movement in your images by jumping into his arms, spinning in the sunset or running through a field of daisies. If you’ve got a flowy skirt/dress – bring it!

Tip 10: There’s no need to go out and purchase a brand new outfit, but remember, if you have an outdated item (like old school loafers), your image will be dated too. Unless of course you’re going for a Retro Couple-type shot.


Tip 11: Back to colors, if you wear anything bright or shiny, that will be the first place where the viewer will look, and not on your face. Ideally, even your lips wouldn’t be the shiniest part of the image, instead put some of those sparkles as a shadow and your viewer will undoubtedly look in the right direction.

Tip 12: Go heavier on the makeup than you would on a typical day. Especially eye liner and lips should be the most emphasized part of your face. If you don’t normally wear any make up – too bad, you’ll need some, or you’ll look like a tired, sleepy zombie.

Tip 13: Nails. Boys and girls, you have to take care of your nails if just for a short photo session. Nails can make or break an amazing shot. Ladies – nude polish. Fellas – overall clean look.


Tip 14: Ladies, even if you’re not a fan of wearing high heels – bring and wear them on your next photography session. Don’t you want your legs to look longer and leaner? I know I do!

Tip 15: One of the most important things that people look for when purchasing their images is their smile. So on the day of your session, don’t forget to bring it too!


Also, feel free to browse through my Pinterest Board, which is devoted solely to inspirational ideas for your next session. There are over 400 pins of clothing, posing, location, theme-inspiring ideas.

If you like what you see from the images in this post, I’ll be more than elated to photograph your couples or family session. Get in touch now!

If you know anyone who can benefit from reading this informative post, be kind and share on your SNS sites! Thank you very much!

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